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World Plantation Conference and Exhibition 2017 (WPLACE2017)


Tea is a world commodity which still has business promising. Good quality teas will provide premium selling price. Due to tight competition of the world tea market, the application of preeminent technology could be an obligation especially to control the maximum residue level (MRL) of anthraquinone. Furthermore, the implication of adaptation technology to face the climate change, e‐tea auction, and other global issues should be look lively. Responding to these challenges, a World Plantation Conference and Exhibition 2017 (WPLACE‐2017) under a theme of THE FUTURE OF TEA TOWARDS THE DYNAMIC OF CHANGING WORLD will be held in Bali, Indonesia.

WPLACE‐2017 will discuss comprehensively various aspects of tea plantation developments such as:

  • Generic promotion forum*
  • Prospect and strategies to increase world tea price
  • Adaptation strategies to face the climate change
  • Innovation technologies in the world tea industry
  • Tea auction
  • Technologies to reduce MRL of anthraquinone and pesticides

During the conference time, various activities will be held, such as :

  • Technology exhibition
  • Business meeting
  • Tea auction
  • Gala Dinner
  • Tour to Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Bali Cultural Park.
  • Planters Golf Tournament,

On the other hand, the participants have also an opportunity to enjoy a great panorama of Bali as one of the best world’s tourism destination.

Who Should Participate

  • Tea Buyers, Packers, Traders, Blenders,
  • Retailers, RTD Tea Producers,
  • Tea Producers, Planters
  • Non Government Organization (NGO)
  • Tea Certification Agency (RA, Utz,Fairtrade, ETP, HACCP, FSSC, etc.)
  • Tea Organization, Tea Board, Tea Farmer Association, Tea Society, Commodity Associations
  • World Tea Organization (IGG on Tea, ITC)
  • Chamber of Commerce, Commodity Exchange
  • Embassy Official
  • Policy Makers
  • Government Official
  • Investors, Bankers, Fund Managers
  • Academicians, Researchers, Observer
  • Tea Expert, Professional, Journalist

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